Even a good training session does not bring enough results? We know why!

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Even a good training session does not bring enough results!

Here’s an example: A good consulting company holds a training session for six experts. The purpose is to develop their skills further and give them tools to meet increasingly tough challenges. Competition in the market is getting tougher, and the current economic conjuncture is not easy either. Something should be done differently or better. Feedback on the training session is excellent: almost everyone is enthusiastic about the lessons learned. But how many of them will eventually start using the new skills in their everyday work?

The answer is: Only 15%.

Studies show that only 15% of the participants will start using the new skills in their work. 70% are enthusiastic and make some effort, but eventually relapse back to their old habits, sometimes not even noticing it. The remaining 15% do not even try.

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Learning Transfer problem
15-70-15 potential learning transfer

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What would happen if more participants really applied the lessons learned in their everyday work? In other words, what if the level of Learning Transfer could be increased? You would get a much better return on your investment regardless of who is trained – supervisors, sales persons or customer service personnel.


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Sales skills

Sales is both mathematics and art. The mathematics side consists of process-like action and performance indicators, while the art lies in the salesperson’s skills in bringing a sales project to a close.

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Sales management

Companies’ goals are naturally dictated by their strategy. Sales goals should be derived from strategic goals. The goals must be specific down to the unit and salesperson level.

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Sales processes

In addition to sales management, a company needs a uniform sales method that all salespeople follow. This can be described by as simple a sales process as possible with its different phases.

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Leadership is very difficult, especially when it comes to leading people. Everyone who has ever been a supervisor knows this basic truth.

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“Rema’s approach of continuous learning is very effective. The most valuable part of the process has been the implementation of the learning (with proper tool to follow up) after the trainings. Focus on changing behaviors more than teaching theory was really effective as well”

Mauro Carobene Chief Commercial Officer, Comptel Oyj