About Us

We are passionate to achieve and show desired business results to our customers.

Our expertise’s in Rema are in Training Design and result oriented execution with best possible tools. In design and execution we believe strongly in 70/20/10 principles and the power of making learning transfer visible.
Do you know that only 15 % of traditional training participants actually apply the learned skills in real life? We are not happy with that and we are passionate about making learning really stick and through that, creating real results to our customers.


Our Team:

Seppo Virtanen rema partners
Seppo Virtanen
Senior Partner +358 400 605 332
Tapani Sopanen
Consultant Director +358 400 411043
Aki Sopanen rema partners
Aki Sopanen
CEO +358 40 5870679
Marika Guillou
Account Director / Consultant +358 50 5977000
Markus Nissinen
Senior Change Leader +358 44 3200 369
Tuomas Miettinen
Account Director / Consultant +358 40 5455355
Olli Salminen rema partners
Olli Salminen
Training Consultant +358 40 8462976
Maija Tillander
Maija Tillander
Executive Assistant / Promote Support +358 41 5365403
Pia-Leena Heikkilä
Community Coordinator / Marketing & PR

“Rema has helped us to build a solution sales process and sharpen our systematic sales work. This has helped us to gain market share in challenging market circumstances.”

Saija Heikinheimo Sales Director, A-lehdet Oy