Sales skills

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Sales is both mathematics and art.

Sales is both mathematics and art. The mathematics side consists of process-like action and performance indicators, while the art lies in the salesperson’s skills in bringing a sales project to a close, starting from the initial phase and continuing all the way to a positive customer experience.

In the past, a good salesperson was an active presenter of a company’s goods or services. Quantity was a significant performance indicator.

In the last few years, purchasing has undergone a revolution thanks to new online tools, and usually the purchasers have already thoroughly assessed their needs before they meet a salesperson. As a result, a salesperson must be well-prepared already in the initial meetings. He/she must use a range of sources to determine the customer’s possible needs, make some educated guesses and create value-adding suggestions to present to the customer.

The goal is to establish trust as early as possible with the customer’s key decision makers. This requires an ability to discuss about the customer’s business challenges and to help the customer to improve their competitiveness. If the salesperson can guide the customer’s purchasing process, the probability of getting the sale closed is high. A precondition is that the customer sees the salesperson as a reliable person who offers assistance.

However, the traditional selling skills, such as presentation and negotiating skills, should not be forgotten. A professional is always practicing – and this applies to sales professionals as well.

“The coaching that was lead by Rema aimed at unifying the leadership culture within our corporation in the Nordics. The fruits of the coaching can already be seen in the daily work.”

Marit Telin Head of Human Resources, Peab Finland