We help you to design a training project where the matters learned are actually transferred into everyday work, and you can reap the resulting business benefits! This is what we are good at.

Rema Partners belongs to a fine international network that shares a common passion – to revolutionise training business by collaborating with our customers in order to plan and execute projects that actually bring results.

This is where we excel:

Sales skills

Sales is both mathematics and art. The mathematics side consists of process-like action and performance indicators, while the art lies in the salesperson’s skills in bringing a sales project to a close.

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Sales management

Companies’ goals are naturally dictated by their strategy. Sales goals should be derived from strategic goals. The goals must be specific down to the unit and salesperson level.

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Sales processes

In addition to sales management, a company needs a uniform sales method that all salespeople follow. This can be described by as simple a sales process as possible with its different phases.

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Leadership is very difficult, especially when it comes to leading people. Everyone who has ever been a supervisor knows this basic truth.

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“About Rema Partners and the Promote-tool we can give a good feedback related to our transformation in sales.”

Frederic Lanz Vice President Marketing & Sales, Kemppi Oy